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At Value Interiors, we believe design is the art of creative problem solving. We are committed to providing customers with design solutions for projects that are creative, innovative and holistic. These solutions result from an investigative design process, a studied analysis of technological building systems solutions and an ongoing commitment to implementing sustainable technologies and resources for efficient buildings.

Designing an aesthetic and functional space or facility that communicates your business is where most firms end, at Amec Foster Wheeler, this is only the beginning. Integrating our design expertise with our in-house civil, structural, fire protection, and mechanical and electrical engineering expertise allows Amec Foster Wheeler to create highly functional, aesthetically appealing and energy-efficient designs.


Value Interiors has incorporated the detail, character of the Bungalow into designs that reflect how we live today in modern time . Bungalows generally have a solid, horizontal look, compact, often with low-slung roofs and asymmetrical front open or covered porches.

We are the designers of all of our house floor plan as per client requirement and needs. That is why you will only find Floor plan of your Dream House. All of our designs are work on a custom design process. Therefore our clients receive the benefit of a custom home design at a minimum cost and time it takes to complete a customized plan. Our All designs can be further adapted to your needs, requirements life style and your future plan. Use our below given Reference Plan to view all of our Bungalow models or selected the Design of your choice.

Mall & Shop

An efficient design is always driven by common sense. But having said that, there is always a certain science of shopping involved. Understanding customer habits & expectations play a very important role in the design of any mall. A Mall can be called efficient when it connects with the customer through the various touch points, whether the entry into the premises thorough pedestrian entry or entry to car park, proper & ample parking, easy connectivity from parking to Mall level etc. Now that we agree right Planning & Design is critical, lets look at the different aspects, which indirectly affect the designing of the Mall and how one can get better their chances of achieving an optimum design through an organized approach.

Key Points for Mall Architecture design: 1. The Right Advice 2. Clarity in Concept 3. Choosing the Right Architect 4. Design Brief to Architect 5. Aesthetic Brief